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If I could give a 4.5 I would, but that is not an option. I have been going to Noyes now for a few years for my winter tires, oil and check ups. They are great and what I personally like about them is they give me a price quote, if that changes they call AND they are real with you and tell you what is the priority and what can wait. I've appreciated their service and tell others to check them out.

Kimberlee M. Yelp Review

I just got my car back from NOYES and let me be the first to tell you that our experience with NOYES and their staff was AWESOME! I am extremely impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of their team on the customer service front lines. Chaney was great! He went above and beyond my expectations when it came to communication, explaining what causes irregular tire wear, what my options were, and what they were planning to do in order to correct/evaluate this. Typically, going to a mechanic can sometimes be compared to a trip to the dentist. Painful and unpleasant! But your team is definitely a step above the competition. THANK YOU NOYES!!

Nick Martin. Google Review

Let me start off by saying I have had a horrible experience with Automotive services in Burlington, mainly, Oil N Go. I am constantly overcharged for services I don't need or objectified by staff. I tried Noyes because it was conveniently next to my work place and I was fed up with Oil N Go. I am so glad I did. I just needed a basic oil change. They were able to get me in right away and the people who checked me in were extremely kind. I left my car with them and went to work. When I received a phone call from them, I was waiting for them to tell me that I had to spend hundreds of dollars on something I didn't need but that never happened. They informed me my license plate bulb was out, gave me some recommendations but said they weren't vital and asked if I wanted to get my car inspection out of the way as well. The person on the phone was not condescending and was extremely transparent, knowledgeable and friendly. I received an oil change, a car inspection and a bulb replacement for around the same price Oil N Go charges me for just an Oil Change alone. I have never been so happy or satisfied with an automotive service!

Marissa G. Yelp Review

Recently had my summer tires changed over at this shop. Very convenient for me as I work a couple of blocks away. Very friendly customer service, reasonable price and speedy service. Be aware that spring and fall are their busy season for tire change overs and you are better off leaving your car there. On the particular day I had my tires put on they said that they had completed 50 tire change overs! These guys have been in the business for 99 years and know what's up!

Greg L., Yelp Review

Noyes Auto does a fantastic job taking care of my car. The people who work there are super friendly and always use your name. They take the time to talk you through the work that your car needs. Really efficient; I've dropped by car off at 1pm for work and it's been ready by 5pm the same day. I really appreciate these guys!

Emily Gneiser, Google+ Review
April 2015

Brian Lalime Let's face it, no one really likes to buy tires. It's like buying insurance, it's something you need but you would rather spend that money on something else. The great thing about Noyes Automotive is that they have a trained staff there to help you get the right tires for your car. I'm am currently in the process of buying my summer tires from Noyes and Roger has been educating me on the tires that would be the best for my vehicle. Basing it on my driving patterns and the make/model of my car, he is recommending a tire that will help to save on gas. Not only is this particular set of tires less expensive than most, it also has a longer life expectancy. This proves to me that Roger and Noyes Automotive truly have my best interest at heart.Thank you Lori for all that you and your staff do. I look forward to seeing you during all of my free tire rotations!

Brian Lalime

Cynthia Jane Burrill Today I went in to have my burned out headlight replaced, which I thought was the only thing wrong with my vehicle. Luckily the mechanics at Noyes Automotive noticed my state inspection was about to expire (I had no idea) and offered to do that at the same time. While doing the state inspection, they found a dangerous broken ball joint in my front tire and showed it to me. I was surprised my wheel hadn't fallen off completely! It also made me realize that I have never put an updated vehicle registration certificate in my glove compartment, which is required for the inspection. Finally, they found another light over my rear license plate out, which I think I could also get a ticket for. So THANK YOU to Noyes Automotive for doing such a thorough job today and preventing a possible accident due to the broken ball joint or a ticket for broken lights or expired inspection stickers. I am so thankful for their service!

Cynthia Jane Burrill | Studio J Creative

Richard Fox, PLLC Over the years I have brought my vehicles to a variety of service providers, including independent mechanics, dealership service centers, and oil change providers. While they each did what I requested (more or less), not of these service providers ever provided more than service to my vehicles. And then I brought my car to Noyes. Noyes, like its competitors, certainly covers the necessities: Noyes has competitive labor raters, comprehensive services ranging from tune-ups to detailing, and a wide variety of tires from which to choose. Noyes changes brakes, aligns front-ends, cleans valves, and replaces water pumps, but then so do most of its competitors. Where Noyes stands out is that it provides not just excellent service for your vehicle, but it provides excellent customer service. For example: Bruce goes out of his way to get you the best quote on parts and tires. Lori keeps you up to date on dealers Noyes is offering. Linda calls to remind you of necessary service milestones and to check to make sure your last visit to Noyes was a good one; Cheney remembers you and treats you like you were there only yesterday; Roger identifies future maintenance issues so you can be proactive in your auto maintenance; and Nick explains every detail for the services provided to you like you are a human being. When you leave Noyes, something more than your vehicle has been cared for: You. Needless to say, Noyes is now my go-to auto servicer, and the first one I recommend to friends and clients.

Richard Fox, Law office of Richard Fox  PLLC

March 19, 2014

At least two things are important in any business transaction: Service, and Product. I have just recently purchased a set of new tires from Noyes Automotive on Pine Street. and indeed, what a dreamy experience. You walk in as a stranger, and you walk out a friend. But not quite right: the minute I walked in I was treated as a friend. and as they used to say in the “Cheers” television program. ‘Everybody knows your name”. You will indeed be treated as a friend, and you feel as though you’re buying something from trusted friends. The product: Without to much deliberation, without too many choices. without too much muss and fuss, we selected tires that seemed on paper to be the right choice; but who’s completely sure in a situation like this? After picking the car up I immediately noticed an improvement in ride. and a better handling feeling to the vehicle. Noyes was right about the choice. and I was very much pleased in the result. AND, the final price was even less than the original estimate — that’s a nice way to do business. Go to Noyes — you cannot do better —

Curt Wheeler

September 17, 2008

Letter to the Editor:

Kudos for Noyes' Employees

My friend and I were going to be driving to Ohio for our 50th high school reunion on Wednesday, September 10, 2008. We went out to the car on Tuesday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. and found that our clock, radio, and CD player were dark and not working. We had borrowed 4 tapes to listen to on our trip. What to do!

I have always gone to Noyes for my car work. I drove right to Noyes. Two employees working there stopped what they were doing and fixed my radio and clock. Apparently, there was a fuse blown. They were so genial and friendly and worked for about 15 minutes on my unscheduled appointment. Thank you gentlemen! You made our trip much more enjoyable.

Sandi McGowan
South Burlington, Vermont

August 18, 2011

When driving through Vermont my car started vibrating at highway speeds.  Fortunately we found Noyes by accident by searching the surrounding area.  At 4pm on Friday night I was encouraged to come in.  I received great directions over the telephone.

Being from RI where garages are often suspect I was so impressed with the professionalism and prompt service at Noyes.  The diagnosis was made rapidly and much to my amazement you had a used replacement tire and moved my damaged rim to the back all in less than 40 minutes.

You guys saved our trip to Montreal and I am very appreciative of the great service and expert diagnosis.  I want to say thank you for caring and helping so much and for the very fair price we were charged. 

I really appreciate the great service.  A special thank you to Michael who coordinated the effort.

George J. Brown, OD


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