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Check out all the ways we here at Noyes Auto & Tire Service are going green!

        We have a recycling bin in each technicians bay for recycling part boxes and supplies.  All of our combined recycling efforts have cut our garbage fee in half!

All metal goes to a metal recycler.

We crush oil filters and remove all of the oil so they can be recycled with a scrap metal company.

We use scrap paper for notes and no longer use post it notes.

We brought in new copiers and printers that print two sided to cut our paper usage in half.

When possible, we use eco-friendly products including an eco-friendly car wash soap and glass cleaner.          


REFILLOmat System
This can save 600 aerosol cans from going into the landfill.
REFILLOmat System
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ASE Certified


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