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Tire Recycling Event - 2016
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Tire Recycling Event - 2015
Our technician Roger is restoring this '91 Ford Thunderbird. The engine is a self-built 302 that he's going to put into it. He calls this his hot rod conversion project!
Tire Recycling Event - 2014
Lone Pine Car Show – June 1st
Tire Recycling Event 2013
Toys For Tots
We have had over 150 toys donated by customers, the Vermont National Air Guard, people just dropping off toys, and employees of Flecther Allen Hospital. We have had great success. Thank you for donating!
Tire Recycling Event 2011
Brakes for Breasts - 2015
Women's Car Care Clinic
Community Testimonials
Auto Detailing
“Celebrate Your Ride: the Passion, the Art” by Rik Carlson
The Fun Run 2018 - Rick Marcotte Central School


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