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Green Up Clean Up Tire Drop

Coming This Spring

Green Up Clean Up Tire Drop - General

At Noyes Automotive we are committed to our local community and our environment. Each year we educate our youth at The Champlain Elementary School on the Life Cycle of a Tire. Show them all the natural resources it takes to make a tire and the importance of properly recycling tires. We welcome the community to help keep tires out of our natural habitats, streams, rivers by offering FREE Tire Recycling (up to 4 per household) with a donation to Champlain Elementary School.

Last year, the kids at Champlain Elementary School made a video of the life cycle of a tire:

Tire Tips:
• Only 15% of people check the air pressure in their car.Typical Tire loses 1 to 2 psi per month.

• 26% of Greenhouse Gases are caused from cars. (1.7 billion tons of CO2 each year in the U.S)

• 1 Gallon of Gas Burned = 20 LB of CO2 in the atmosphere.

• DOE estimates 3.56 MILLION gallons are wasted EACH day because of improper tire inflation.

• Avoid carrying unneeded items in your car. An extra 100 lbs. can save your fuel economy 1 to 2%!

• Proper Tire Pressure can improve fuel savings up to 5%

• Using a gas price of $3/gallon: Proper tire inflation could save an average of $432 a year!

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